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Our Female Wellbeing Services

At MA Medical, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best care and attention. Our Well Woman service is nurse-led and every service provider is a qualified medical professional, with a wealth of experience. Our Well Woman clinics are run by qualified, registered nurses with over 12 years of experience. They can carry out a wide range of female-centric assessments and examination that help you live life more wholly and give you a comprehensive overview of your picture of health. 

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Our Well Woman service includes:

Pricing - £425


 Respiratory assessment

 Renal system examination

Neurological examination





 Sexual health

Blood analysis

 Blood pressure check

 Height, weight & BMI check



Additional Options


Vitamin blood profiling

from £125


Hay Fever injections



Tumour markers CA125 for ovarian cancer risk 







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There's never a bad time to check that you're well. Contact us today to discuss this service and book in now. Perhaps you're looking for another treatment, such as lip fillers in Kent. Our team offer a range of services.

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