Hay Fever Injection

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What is Hay Fever?

Approximately 10-15% of the population suffer from hay fever. It is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen, typically when it comes into contact with your eyes, nose, mouth and throat. Although pollen itself s harmless, in hay fever sufferers, it is the body's immune system that overreacts to the allergen and can cause the following symptoms:



Itchy, red, watery eyes

Runny/blocked nose

 Itching throat
 Loss of smell
 Difficulty in Breathing



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How to treat Hay Fever

  • Limiting pollen exposure     
  • Place vaseline around the nostrils to trap the pollen
  • Wear wrap-around sunglasses 
  • Stay inside as much as possible
  • Damp dust and vacuum regularly

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Over the counter treatments


These block the action of histamine, which is released by the body when it detects something harmful, or pollen in the case of hay fever.


Steroid Nasal Spray

Steroid nasal sprays contain man-made hormones which act in the body to reduce inflammation and swelling. They work on the lining of the nose and reduce symptoms such as sneezing and blocked nose. 

Eye Drops

If eye symptoms are the main feature, using topical antihistamine eye drops may control the problem.





What are KenalogTM injections?

KenlaogTM also known as triamicinolone, is a synthetic corticosteroid which is a hormone that works within the body to reduce inflammatory responses. It is widely used in medicine for the treatment of certain breathing conditions, arthritis, endocrine disease, kidney problems, allergies, skin diseases and some blood disorders. 

Steroids are one of the most powerful anti-inflamatory medicine that works by suppressing your body's immune response and symptoms. 

KenalogTM is administered as an intra-muscular injection into the top of the buttock. After the injection the drug is slowly released into the body over several weeks and generally provides relief of symptoms for 3-8 weeks. A single treatment of KenalogTM 40mg is used to treat adults with hay fever, it is not recommended to have more than 3 treatments a year. 

KenalogTM should not be the first line treatment for hay fever, and should only be considered if symptoms are severe and not controlled by over the counter treatments. Over the counter or prescription medication, may still be required for symptom control even after receiving a KenalogTM injection. 

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Is it safe?

As with any injection, there may be some redness, tenderness and a small lump at the injection site. This usual resolves in 24 hours. As a steroid injection suppress your body's  natural immune response, you should make your healthcare provider aware if you are having any vaccinations. 

All medicines can cause side-effects and KenalogTM is no exception, although most people will have mild or no effects. 

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