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What is Microsclerotherapy for?

Microsclerotherapy is a treatment that is used to treat prominent, unattractive veins. Thread veins, otherwise known as spider veins or flare veins, are veins which become enlarged on the surface of the skin. They appear most frequently on women, but around 10% of men also have issues with their veins. Often blue, red or purple in colour, spider veins can appear on the face or body, but are often most prominent on the legs.

Spider veins are caused by a weakness in the vein wall, and this occurs most often with old age, after pregnancy and with the onset of the menopause. Spider veins affect all skin colours and skin types. Whilst some people don't mind these veins, others find them quite unsightly.

Generally speaking, there is no preventative action that can be taken to prevent spider veins from appearing. However, advances in technology mean that there are a number of treatments that can help when spider veins do appear. One of these is laser therapy, but many people find that this is too painful and invasive. An excellent alternative is microsclerotherapy, which is one of the most popular treatments for spider veins. For more information about microsclerotherapy, anti-wrinkle treatment or lip fillers in Kent, please contact us for a quick chat.

  • Microsclerotherapy £250 per treatment
  • £275 including stockings

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Before and after of microsclerotherapy


How Does Microsclerotherapy Work?

Research suggests that microsclerotherapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Treatment consists of an intravenous injection of a solution called sclerosant, which goes directly into the veins. The solution destroys the lining of the vein walls, which causes a collapse of these veins. The body will then absorb these veins as they dissipate, thus eliminating their appearance. How long, and how much sclerosant is injected all depends on how prominent and extensive the veins are. Treatment is relatively painless and there will only be minimal discomfort.




The Benefits of Microsclerotherapy

Microsclerotherapy does not normally provide immediate results and it is best to wait a while before judging effectiveness. Bruising or red blotches can sometimes appear in the immediate aftermath, and many of our clients require 2 to 4 treatments before noticing real substantial results. Research suggests that you should expect at least a 70% improvement in the appearance of your veins. For more microsclerotherapy benefits, or to learn about vitamin drips or lip fillers in Kent, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Microsclerotherapy Treatment

Treatment is very safe and is carried out by one of our dedicated and professional nurses/aestheticians. The first step would be to visit, so that we can examine your spider veins. Microsclerotherapy cannot treat any underlying varicose vein issues, so it is important to ascertain that this isn't the cause of your prominent spider veins. We'll then be able to identify the right course of treatment, that will help you to achieve your desired look.

If you are looking for microsclerotherapy, anti-wrinkle treatment or lip fillers in Kent, please get in touch to arrange a no obligation consultation.


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